This site is for everyone that loves an orgasim.


What is an orgasim?


An orgasim can be described as a sudden, powerful release of sexual tension.  Orgasims are accompanied by an extreme sensation of pleasure followed by a complete feeling of relaxation.  A male orgasim usually accompanies ejaculation and in females the cervix undergoes contractions.

Orgasims can be reached in various ways.  By self stimulation otherwise know as masturbation, penetrative sexual intercourse or by other imaginative erotic means.

Everyone loves the sensation of pleasure and there is nothing more pleasurable than arousal.  When we are aroused a myriad of sensations and chemicals rush round our bodies.  Our pupils dilate, breathing gets quicker and our hearts beat faster.  Once we are aroused we want the sensations to continue building until we get that final mind blowing euphoria that comes with an orgasim.  Some of us like to get there quickly an some of us like it to go on and on.  Whichever way you prefer, the end result is the same – intense pleasure.

Not all orgasims are the same.  They can vary in intensity and sometimes just feel different.  Male orgasims also differ from those of the female.


These articles are written to explain the different possible ways to reach orgasim and the techniques that may be used.  The contents are derived from a mixture of research, contributions from members of the public and personal experience.  Comments and contributions are more than welcome although they will be monitored as I would like to keep this site informative and real.


By the way, I know that I have spelled orgasim wrong.  The correct spelling is orgasm but I have noticed that so many people spell it orgasim even google doesn’t auto-correct it.